registration for initial fit consultation

Maybe you are interested in taking Private Voice Lessons or are unsure where to start your vocal training. Begin by registering for an Initial Fit Consultation! During this 50-minute session ($60), both you and I will evaluate whether we would like to work together to help you accomplish your singing goals. You should be prepared to discuss any prior musical experience and what you hope to gain from vocal training. I will provide you with an honest assessment of your voice, your vocal potential, and your musical skills. I will discuss the kinds of things we would work on if lessons continue, and I will recommend next steps, which could include Private Voice Lessons or a Small Group Class

To book an Initial Fit Consultation, you must first register using the secure form below. I will then send you an email giving you access to the student portal. At that point, you may login and schedule your Initial Fit Consultation for any available lesson time.