student testimonials


I’ve had many voice teachers in the past who had me sing what they wanted me to sing, which was usually classical or musical theater. Catherine works with me to sing the music that I am passionate about and like to sing. She has also helped me find my true contemporary voice as well as increase the power and volume of my voice. I was not a belter before. But now I can make the room shake…well, almost. 

          -Chuck G.


Even though I have been practicing with Catherine Brown for only four months, she has taught me so much already. I knew, when I had my first lesson with her, that I had picked the right voice teacher for me. She is encouraging, patient, and a fun person to learn from. 

          -Emma S.


I am a retired student that enjoys playing the guitar and wanted to sing along. Catherine has been instrumental in improving my pitch, and giving me the confidence to sing in public.  

          -Gary K.


She helped me discover and develop a voice range I never knew I had. 

          -Emily G.