Photos from the set of "Pan Am"

I promise that later I will provise more details about my two days (November 14 & 15, 2011) on the set of ABC’s new drama Pan Am. For now, photos will have to suffice.

The ninth episode (“Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang”) was shot at an old mansion near Oyster Bay on Long Island, NY. The episode is scheduled to air on Sunday, December 4, 2011, 10/9c. They included me in a bunch of scenes, but the most prominent one involves the characters Laura and Ted and a fire alarm in a London hotel. Look for me in a bath robe with a blue scarf around my head! 

We arrived on location at about 5:15 AM, received instructions, and ate a delicious breakfast. Around 7:00 AM, the hair stylist put my hair in rollers; when she took them out, she teased my hair to give it some ’60s pouf. However, my first scene was shot around 1 PM and the curl didn’t hold that long. So the stylist restyled my hair into a beehive!

On set, the hair stylist noticed that my poufy hair had fallen, so she restyled it into a beehive. It took so long that I missed the first scene involving extras.


I wore my own jewelry - a vintage Monet necklace and vintage gold-tone earrings - with approval from the wardrobe department.

I never knew my hair could stay up like this, but I now realize that hairspray makes anything possible!



















The tweed shift dress and jacket, the purse, and the gloves were provided by the production company. I wore my own shoes and jewelry